1. Beginners classes are for anyone who has not won 1st prize at this, or any other show before.

2. Children’s classes are for entry for anyone under the age of 16.

3. Children may enter the standard classes also.

4. Entries must be in by Friday 6th September 2019.  Additional entries “may” be permitted on the day if the competitor is already entered.

5. All entries must be on the judging tables by 11am on the day of judging.

6. Judging starts at 11.15am – 1.15pm

7. The judge’s decision will be final.

8. No produce may be removed from the table before 3pm on the day of judging.

9.  Awards, trophies and prize money will be given after 3pm on the day.

10. Entries left unclaimed will be auctioned on the day after 3.30pm

11. Entry fee is 25p per entry.

12. TWO entries per class per exhibitor

13. Entry to the public after 1.30pm